Are You Interested In Registering A Trade Mark?

You may be in the process of building a reputation of your product. If your product is a commercial success, competitors may try to imitate your product and capitalise on your goodwill and reputation. To ensure that the buying public does not confuse your goods or services with those of your competitors, registering a Trade Mark is a cost-effective way of protecting your name and reputation. Let our professional trade mark attorneys assist you.

Advantages of registering a trade mark:

  • the prevention of infringement of a trade mark is easier, less time-consuming and less costly in cases where a registered trade mark is held as opposed to proceedings based on common law rights;
  • in the event of infringement, damages may be claimed from the infringer;
  • the acquisition of rights through registration is generally much quicker than building up the required common law repute, and goodwill, through use;
  • registration allows for the effective appointment and control of licensees and franchisees;
  • registered trade marks are relatively easy to assign to third parties;
  • registered trade marks can serve as security for loans in that they may be bonded;
  • and a South African trade mark registration can be of assistance in obtaining registered trade mark protection in other countries.




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