IP protection is the way of the future – With credit to WIPO/Sébastien Couture

The term “intellectual property” (IP) refers to creations of the mind.

These creations are intangible, but often have commercial and strategic value.

Intellectual property, once formalized in the form of a patent, registered design, or trademark, must be treated in business as an asset on the balance sheet. Accordingly, a monetary value is attached to each creation of IP.

Irrespective of your type of business, it is most likely that your business has generated IP of value through the creativity of individuals who work in the business.

It is of utmost importance for individuals, and businesses alike, to take steps to protect their IP so that the commercial and strategic value of the IP can be properly exploited.

I believe everyone is blessed with creative thoughts. As such, new ideas providing solutions to existing problems encountered in everyday life and in business, can be turned into a real asset.

Patent Attorneys have technical degrees and legal qualifications to allow them to understand your business’ technology.

The Patent Attorneys at DT Du Preez Attorneys, can assist you to OWN your ideas with the aid of relevant IP laws, thereby allowing you to see return on investment.

Do not loose out! Do not allow others to benefit from your creations!